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In the course of sale of any goods, including a tourist's product, the important place belongs to a sale method. It is necessary to understand a set of methods of implementation of all main operations connected with direct realization of a tourist's product to consumers as method of sale.

Thus, the business plan is not only the internal document of firm, but also can be used for involvement of investors. Before risking some capital, investors have to be sure of care of study of the project and are informed on its efficiency. It is supposed that the business plan is well prepared and stated for perception of potential investors.

Sponsorship and charity – the planned investment of money in noncommercial activity as a result of which improvement of image of firm and increase in sales volume of tourist's services is expected. The main criterion of a choice of actions and objects for sponsorship and charity is their public importance and popularity. It is prestigious to support, for example, culture, sport, health of citizens, etc.

This type of tourism includes travel and trips with the informative purposes. Excursion as a form of knowledge and a type of leisure carries out functions of expansion of an outlook. One of kinds of informative trips is automobile tourism. In comparison with travel on other types of vehicles of a trip by cars and buses present to tourists much bigger informative opportunity.

the azhdy businessman, beginning the activity, has to represent clearly requirement on prospect for financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, sources of their receiving, and also to be able to calculate accurately efficiency of use of resources in the course of work of firm.

In the international tourist industry advance payment is in most cases applied. Therefore foreign firms insist on that money for service of tourists was transferred before their arrival in the first point.

Reliable information about consumer properties of a tourist product, including information on the program of stay and a route of travel, on safety conditions of tourists, on results of certification of a tourist product.

The analysis of the potential market shows a dissatisfaction of demand for service of individual tourists and small groups, especially on the service directed on performance of concrete wishes of clients.

In economic calculation for the basis of production efficiency of tourist services it is necessary to estimate the profit got by the company. Thus the profit has to provide that level of profitability of a turproduk at which the travel agency will be able to survive in the existing competition conditions in the market of tourist's products.

Trips with the business purposes belong to this type of tourism. Life in a modern civilized society causes the necessity of the international contacts. Trips of representatives of a business community began to have mass character recently.

In market economy the business plan is the working tool used in all spheres of business. The business plan describes functioning process firmy1, shows how her heads are going to achieve the objectives and tasks, first of all increases of profitability of work. Well developed business plan helps firm to raise, win new positions in the market where it functions, to make long-term plans of the development.

The stimulating actions are urged to support other means of communication with the purpose to facilitate and accelerate sale of tourist's services. The stimulating actions usually divide into two groups. The first is directed on the personnel selling services, the second – on clients.

Important task is the problem of attraction of investments, including foreign, in the operating and developing enterprises. For this purpose it is necessary to reason and prove registration of projects (offers) demanding investments. The business plan is applied to these and some other purposes.

Travel business – one of the most quickly developing branches of the world economy. The international tourism is among three largest export branches, conceding to the oil-extracting industry and automotive industry. Value of tourism in the world constantly increases that is connected with the increased influence of tourism on economy of the certain country.