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For Thais a good form - reserved tone. Any familiar pats on a shoulder or increases of a voice: the similar address causes feeling of awkwardness in the resident of Thailand. If you are dissatisfied with something, it is better to constrain emotions and quietly to find out everything. Do not speak loudly - you will not be heard simply! Thai language is similar to silent singing or, more precisely, to a bird's twitter. Try to chirp together with them - will see what will make fantastic success at partners and the service personnel.

Floating market. Bangkok was called by Venice of the East earlier: residential quarters were placed along the Chao Phraya River, its inflows and klong. Number of klong (the channel reached to 17 Now their no more than 14 All life passed on water. Up to now the custom remained: early in the morning in the Floating market there is a trade from boats, to the middle of day the market blurs in different directions.

At Thais the self-respect which is shown both in appearance, and in behavior is strongly developed (it is very noticeable in the sphere of service where the majority the Thai works. They are obliging, but this complaisance never reaches self-humiliation. That you would not present to them - a nested doll or a samovar, - be sure, sooner or later it will appear in the local market. At all not for the sake of business, and by force of habit.

Iron and highways were constructed in Thailand for the purpose of export of production of the mining industry and rice on foreign markets. Extent of the railroads is 3517 km, highway — to 10000 km. According to the 6-year program the highways connecting all large cities. The railroads connect Thailand with Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaya, Singapore, Kampuchea.

Both reserves for a game 320000 hectares near burmese border. The shape of a landscape is defined by hills, valleys and plains which under the influence of water streams constantly change. Besides, there are a lot of lakes, ponds and marshy plains. In higher the evergreen vegetation prevails, and deciduous trees and a bamboo grow in lowlands. In the territory of two reserves there live tribes, in total about 4000 people today.

In northern, wide part of Thailand most red soils of vysokotravny savannas, brown-red soils of the tropical dry listopadny woods and mountain and forest ; in valleys of the rivers — alluvial and meadow. In the southern part of Thailand (including the zone adjacent to the northern coast of the gulf — lateritny opodzolenny soils.

On lesorazrabotka use elephants. They transfer logs to the river and sort the jams formed at a wood. Elephants work some hours, the rest of the time are grazed and have a rest in ­. In Thailand also wild elephants remained.

In all other relations Thais people, quite tolerant to others shortcomings, at least very tactful. They are very hospitable, hospitably meet foreigners especially as tourism brings in to the country the considerable income.

The first news of Thailand were brought to Europe at the beginning of the XVII century by Portuguese. To the middle of the last century British India and part of Burma. In the same time French occupied Cambodia and Laos. Between possession of English and French the big feudal Siam lay. Both England, and France sought to capture him.

Other rivers: along east and partially northeast border of Thailand the river Mekong. Important value has also the right inflow of the Mekong River – Mun. Along the western border (partially) — the river Salween.

THAILAND the state in Southeast Asia, on the peninsulas of Indochina and Melaka, is washed by the sea and the Gulf of Thailand of the South China Sea. Borders in the West and the northwest on Myanmar, in the North and the East on Laos and Kampuchea, in the south on. Thailand – the third on the area (total area is 514 thousand sq.km) the state in Southeast Asia, after India and Myanmar.

Varsa – a Buddhist post – begins in July – August of Skao Parns (the beginning of three-months solitary life of monks in monasteries for rainy the season and comes to an end in three months with celebration Parns's Ork.