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It in the center fil-ped. ideas and Renaissance (Thomas Mor, Rabelais, Roterodamus). Development of activity and pupils. Then ideas of positive self-change and self-improvement of human essence (Bacon).

The regulatory and Dy component characterizes realization of this strategy. Ability to self-control and management own reflects this component. The person - the subject of own life and D. Eto the basic making regulatory Dgo of the block.

Subjectivity (Petrovsky Jr.) - property of self-determination of life of the personality in the world. =>, the personality is responsible for the development itself. Subjectivity does not arise itself, for its development the specific conditions of life included in D and communication, development of ability to give the account about D and communication are necessary. The personality - the main subject Dai:

Requirement of responsibility. Each step has to be passed through moral consciousness of the person. The anthropology and ethical ontology of Bakhtin a long time were not involved to modern concepts of the personality.