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However researches of scientists of Institute of forestry, experience of our workers convincingly proved that it is possible to create protective plantings from desert species of plants here. Forest cultures in 4 - 5 years form a considerable stock of green material - 7 - 10 centners on hectare. In seven years' plantings of a saxaul and cherkez annually there is a self-sowing, that is self-forest regeneration.

But what to do - there is a wish to drink, and and water, but not , and juice. After all except a thirst satisfying water bears in itself and many useful properties, substances necessary for an organism, such as iodine, calcium, fluorine, potassium, magnesium. Not in any water they, of course, are and therefore there are ways of enrichment by its these elements.

Ground waters, salinity of lands, constant winds with dust made the business - trees in Nukus practically do not get accustomed and if live, represent quite sad show. And now as a result of a sea usykhaniye sand which surrounded the city from all directions went to approach.

And the healthy lifestyle, in turn, will not be that if to forget in general about environment. She demands constant attention and too needs in health. To help itself and everything that is nearby, it means to care of the future - our, the general.

- The geographical position of Uzbekistan causes a variety of forest ecosystems. The unique combination of a biodiversity at the landscape, specific and genetic levels is observed. In total in Uzbekistan 68 types of wood, 320 types shrubby, 134 types of semi-shrubby vegetation. However the progressing anthropogenous press on forest ecosystems put rare unique species of an animal and flora on an extinction side. The tygai woods degrade, their area is reduced, geosystems that is inseparably linked with known problems of the Aral Sea change.

Therefore, speaking about Priaralye, it is always necessary to remember what harm to environment can do vigorous thoughtless activity of the person. Ecology round each of us - in purity of dwellings, cities, in greens of the woods and parks, in blueness of the sky and reservoirs. Only at careful attitude to all world surrounding us we can be quiet for ourselves and future generations.

Recently our country was visited by the representative of the German Fund of Friedrich Ebert mister Dibolt, and also experts in collecting and processing of household waste. They made a trip on the cities of Uzbekistan, visited objects on collecting garbage in Tashkent.