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This miracle - transformation of direct reality in an artistic image - herd a theory basis, Jing Bing. The doctrine about is devoted to a mutual response of uniform things and the phenomena, images and represented. cloths, we as if travel in real space. Thus the principles of Taoist philosophy developed by a number of and artists of the IV-XII century found esthetic sense, having received the brightest embodiment in landscape lyrics and.

Cultural wealth and cultural traditions of the East by multithousand-year history of their development. The address to them shows that to treat history and culture of the East only in terms of its social and economic backwardness it is incorrect.

The Confucian outlook reigned in Celestial Empire very long time, adapting to new trends, using and some Taoist ideas. Confucianism was big, than the regulator of customs and customs. Still in China the emperor by "son Neba", the authority of seniors is indisputable, traditions are strictly honored and all ceremonies are carried out. Each Chinese seeks to increase the educational level. Confucianism and its traditions are live and now. It is force which cannot be, without having liquidated in general all on what kept ­.

Achievements of cultures, and especially philosophical thought of the East can be adequately understood and interpreted only if we treat the East, as an independent and self-valuable phenomenon, and its historical way as to special, specific - let with the European rates which are slowed down in comparison - to development within long since developed and extremely the changing social and economic structure.