11 Words To Kannada Alphabets

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The mass production is characterized by constancy of structure of working process during release of one party (series) of identical products. The structure of process changes on structure of operations, their duration and sequence of performance in connection with transition to production of a series of a new type of production. For example, canning production.

Answer: The branch in structure to economy is a set of the enterprises which are characterized by unity of economic purpose of the made production, uniformity of the consumed materials, a community of technological base and technological processes, special professional structure of shots, specific working conditions. Example: metallurgical industry, machine-building, chemical, automobile, electronic.

The regulated breaks are a part of each cycle if they are caused by expectation of accumulation of a lot of products for transfer it on the following technological operation or a temporary stop in work because of the different duration of adjacent technological operations.

For a start it is necessary to give definition of technical training of production since it approaches any kind of technical training it is not dependent, whether we make separate changes in production or we will organize the new enterprise. There is the following definition of technical training of production:

Technical training of production can be considered from the point of view of production of any product on the basis of already existing or from the point of view of the organization of new production. The purpose of this work - to consider technical training of production as the organization of new production, the separate enterprise or shop. When writing this work I set for myself the following tasks:

Mass production is characterized by the most sharply expressed constancy of structure of working process, repetition of the same operations on each workplace in connection with production of the same type of a product. It is possible to carry mechanical engineering to this type of production.